With Whisky

Orange Sky
Arthur, Hôtel Amour (Paris)
Direct in a glass:
– Crush orange slices with brow sugar
– Add soe mint leaves and delicately crush the mix
– Add ice rocks
– 4cl whisky
– Top with Pimento

Bee Jam
Natalia Papathanasiou (Athens)
In a tumbler glass :
– 60ml Jameson
– 15ml Green apple liquor
– 15ml honey syrup with lime and cinnamon
– 1 lime wedge squeezed
– Top up with pimento
Stir the ingredients with crushed ice, garnish with a clover

Jack is getting hot
Konstantinos Mamoukaris (Athens)
In a glass:
– 50ml Jack Daniels
– 10ml Luxardo Marasquino liqueur
– 25ml coconut syrup
– 15ml fresh lime
Top with Pimento

Ben Jacobs, La Taïga (La Tania)
In a Highball glass:
– 3cl Southern Comfort,
– 3cl Gin
– 3cl white rum (Bacardi)
– 1 lime segment squeezed
– Crushed ice
– Shake, pour and top with Pimento

With Chartreuse

Yellow Ginger
Sylvain Mérot (Chartreuse Paris)
In a tube glass full of ice rocks, add :
– 4 cl yellow Chartreuse
– 1 lime segment squeezed
– Top with Pimento (10 to 15cl)
– Mix with a bar spoon

The Green Mule
Francesco Lafranconi
In a Collins glass, full of ice rocks
– Pour 22,5 ml of Green Chartreuse
– 37,5 ml Vodka (Vertical)
– 120 ml Pimento
– 1 lime segment squeezed
– Add 2 slices of cucumber and a bit of fresh dill
– Mix with a bar spoon

Hot Pimento Swizzle
Helena Tiare Olsen, Mountain of Crushed Ice (Stockholm)
– 2.5 cl pineapple juice
– 2.5 cl fresh lime juice
– 1 barspoon falernum
– 2.5 cl dark Jamaican rum
– 2.5 cl Green Chartreuse
– Swizzle with crushed ice until frosty and top with Pimento, garnish with a good bunch of fresh mint.

Le départ
Yash Gobin, Seasens Bar, Hotel Five (Cannes)
– 2,5cl Green Chartreuse
– 2,5cl Pernod
– ½ lime squeezed
– 4 drops of Aromatic Bitters
Top up with Pimento

Monks In Tropics
Paul-Eric Froissard, Sipeasy (Paris)
In a shaker filled with ice (2/3), pour:
– 4 cl Green Chartreuse
– 8 cl grapefruit juice
– 2 cl lime
– 1 dash Angostura Bitter
Shake strongly 10’’ and pour in a big glass (highball/tumbler) with 5-6 ice cubes

With cachaça

Queen Of Bahia Pimento
Emmanuel Brandelet, Lucille Querron, Mathias Gibert, Connexion Live (Toulouse)
In a ball martini glass
– ½ lime
– Brown sugar
– 4 cl Cachaça Ypioca Paille
– 2 cl strawberry liquor
– 6 mint leaves
– 1,5 cl strawberry Mixer
Shake and slowly mix with a spoon
– 2 cl lemon lemonade
Top with Pimento
Decoration: top of mint

Caipirinha Cucumber Pimento
Emmanuel Brandelet, Lucille Querron, Mathias Gibert, Connexion Live (Toulouse)
In a “tulip” glass:
– ½ lime
– Brown sugar
– 2 cl cane sugar
– 4 cl Cachaça Ypioca “Paille”
– A slice of cucumber
Shake and pour.
Put down the cucumber’s slice, add the crushed ice, top with Pimento (3-4 cl) and mix with a bar spoon
Decoration: a slice of cucumber

Favela Chic
Drunk Sinatra bar (Athens, Greece)
– 50ml Leblon Cachaca
– 20ml Strawberry Shrub
– 20ml Lemon juice
– Mint & Angostura bitters
– Shake and double strain
In mule mug with crushed ice
Top up with Pimento

With Armagnac

Gascon’ Mule
Paul-Eric Froissard, Sipeasy (Paris)
In a highball glass, full of ice-rocks, pour:
– 4cl Armagnac Castarède VS
– 1cl lime juice
– 1cl cane syrup
– A few drops of Angostura
Shake and add:
– 4cl Pimento
Re-shake and serve.

Le Piémont
Arthur, Hôtel Amour (Paris)
In the shaker :
– Ice
– 4cl Armagnac
– 1,5cl lime juice
– 2cl cane sugar syrup
– 1cl cordial ginger
– A dash of Angostura
Shake and filter. Serve in a Caipirinha glass. Top with Pimento and garnish with a mint leaf.

With Cognac

Coup d’fouet
Etienne Descoings (Paris, Nice)
In a highball flass, full of ice-rocks, pour:
– 4cl Cognac VSOP
– 2cl lime juice
– 6cl Pimento
Shake with a straw

With Jägermeister

Le Timonier
Paul-Eric Froissard, Sipeasy (Paris)
In a big glass full of ice rocks, pour:
– 3cl Jägermeister
– 3cl Matahi Baobab juice
– 3cl Pimento
Add a slice of lime and stir

With Mezcal

Red Ginger
Cartel Ocho (Paris)
In a tumbler glass (with a straw):
In a shaker, crush ½ lime cut in pieces. Fill with ice (¾)
– 4cl mezcal Joven Yuu Baal
– 2cl blackcurrant cream
Shake and top with Pimento

With Cointreau

Le 1849
Sébastien Buherne, Koh-I Nor (Val Thorens)
In a long drink glass:
– 4cl Cointreau
– 2cl yellow lemon
– 1,5 cl Elderflower cordial
– 1 dash egg white
– 1 spray orange flower water
– Add ice cubes
– Top with Pimento

With Raki

Roots 66
George Antonoglou, Pere Ubu (Glyfada – Athens)
In a glass:
– 50ml Roots Rakomelo  (Raki + honey)
– 4 lime wedges
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– 10ml barley water
Top with Pimento
Muddle & build in a tall cool jar. Add crushed ice and garnish with pink grapefruit.

With beer

Hot Ginger Beer
Emmanuel Brandelet, Lucille Querron, Mathias Gibert, Connexion Live (Toulouse)
In a beer glass:
– 1,5cl lemon syrup
– 1/3 de Pimento
– 2/3 lager

Spice Beer
In a beer glass:
– Pour 10 to 15% Pimento
– Fill with a lager


Martini Pimento
In a Champagne flute:
– 1/3 Martini extra dry
– 2/3 ice-cold Pimento
– 1 small piece of fresh ginger

Une Femme Libre
Le Riviera (Sénégal)
Champagne glass
– 4cl strawberry cream
– 50% Champagne, 50% Pimento

Pimento Cold Coffee Cocktail
Konstantinos Mamoukaris (Athens)
– 1 espresso dose
– 25ml Kalhua liqueur
– 25ml coconut syrup
Fill with Pimento