Mexican chiliberry
Nicola Monier, Ayers Rock (Lyon)
In a Hurricane glass
– 4cl tequila
– 2cl triple sec / Cointreau
– 2cl lemon juice
– 1cl sugar syrup
– 3cl Raspberry puree
– Top with Pimento

Stéphane Bozzonetti
In a glass with crushed ice:
– 4cl Tequila
– 2cl Pisang Ambon Original
– 1 lime segment squeezed
– 3cl Pimento

Mayahuel on Fire
Helena Tiare Olsen, Mountain of Crushed Ice (Stockholm)
– 6 cl Tequila Reposado
– 1 barspoon good coffee liqueur
– 2 cl pineapple juice
– Top with Pimento
– Shake and strain into a rocks glass or other filled with cracked ice and garnish with a pineapple leaf and cherry.

Dirty Sanchez Pimento
Ben Mattinson, Scotty’s (Tignes)
In a lowball glass, on ice:
– 4cl Tequila
– 4cl blackberry cream (or cassis)
– Top with Pimento

Hot Manoah
Alessio Antonucci, Manoa Beach (St. Tropez)
In a tumbler glass:
– Crush 4 Thaï basilic leaves + 2 orange segments
– Fill with crushed ice. Add:
– Cane syrup
– 3cl tequila
– Mix
– Top with Pimento

Le Tikimento
Guillaume, Par Saint Georges (Lyon)
– 4cl dark tequila
– 12cl Pimento
– Add a chili pepper

Le gringo
Fred, le Citron (Lyon)
– 4cl tequila
– 7cl Pimento
– 7cl banana juice
– 4 cm banana
– Fill with crushed ice

Le baisox
Suzanne, le Flemming’s (Lyon)
– 4 cl dark tequila
– 2 cl Cointreau
– 50% lime + sugar, 50% Pimento

The Ship
Mickaël Gérardin, The Ship (Saint-Laurent du Var)
– 1,5cl caramel syrup + vanilla
– 4cl Pimento
– 4cl white tequila
– Pour on crushed ice

Mini Mo
Pavlos Skordilis, Mosaiko Bar (Glyfada – Athens)
In a glass:
– Tequila Golden (Don Julio)
– Pineapple pieces
– Passion fruit puree
– Agave syrup
– Lime juice
Fill with Pimento

Spiros Anagnostou, 7 Jokers Bar (Syntagma, Athens)
In a highball glass:
– 20ml Julio Blano Tequila
– 20ml 
Don Julio Reposado
– 20ml
 ginger liguor
– 10 ml
 chilli syrup (homemade)
– 20ml 
Honey syrup
– 20ml Lime juice (fresh squeezed)
– 3-4 Basil leaves
– 2 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters
Shake all the ingredients and strain in the glass full of crushed ice
– Top up with Pimento (40ml)
Garnish with a basil leaf, a small chili pepper and a ginger candy

Pineapple Dark
Stelios Papadopoulos, Amigos (Glyfada, Athens)
– 50ml Jose Cuervo Tradicional
– 20ml fresh lime
– 20ml Sugar syrup
– 20ml Falernum Homemade Liquer
– 30ml Pineapple Puree
– Top up with Pimento
Shake the ingredients and strain in a Tiki Glass, Garnish caramelized pineapple slice