Virgin Pimento Mojito
François Fayard (Huitième Monde)
– 6 mint leaves
– 2 lime segments squeezed
– Fill with crushed ice
– Add 15cl apple juice
– Top with Pimento

Raspberry Pimento
Marie Corbasson (Terres de Cocktails)
In a glass:
– ½ lime cut in 6 parts
– 1 small spoon or brown sugar
– 10 fresh Raspberries (or puree)
– Crush with a pestle (build), then fill half the glass of crushed ice
– Add 5cl Pimento and top with crushed ice

Hot basil red fruits
François Fayard (Huitième Monde)
In a blender:
– Ice
– 5 strawberries
– 10 raspberries
– 2 basil leaves
– Mix. Pour in a glass and add 2cl Pimento

Matthieu (Auberge des Seguins, Buoux)
Salt the rim of a big glass :
– Fil it with ice
– 2cl lemon syrup
– 25cl Pimento
Garnish with a mint leaf

X-Perience (33cl)
Cyril Bluze (F2X Radio)
– 2cl black currant syrup
– 10cl apricot juice
– 11cl Pimento
– 10cl black grape juice