Pepper Island
Theo Wilenski, Bistrot 82 (Paris)
– 2cl vodka
– 2cl gin
– 1cl Cointreau
– 4cl Pulco
– A line of raspberry cream
– Top with Pimento

Hot Mule
In a lowball glass, on the rocks:
– 4cl Vodka
– 6cl Pimento
– 2cl squeezed ime

The Green Mule
Francesco Lafranconi
In a Collins glass, full of ice rocks
– Pour 22,5 ml of Green Chartreuse
– 37,5 ml Vodka (Vertical)
– 120 ml Pimento
– 1 lime segment squeezed
– Add 2 slices of cucumberand a bit of fresh dill
– Mix with a bar spoon

Hot Pimento raspberry
François Fayard (Huitième Monde)
In a glass with crushed ice:
– 2 lime segments squeezed
– 4cl Vodka
– 10 raspberries
– Top with Pimento

Spicy Lady
Theo Wilenski, Bistrot 82 (Paris)
In a tumbler :
– A line of grenadine syrup
– 2cl vodka
– 2cl Manzana
– Top with Pimento

Alpen Mojito
Julien, Le Downtown (Méribel Mottaret)
Ina mojito glass:
– 2 lime segments squeezed
– 2 spoons of cane sugar
– 4cl Genepi
– 2cl vodka
– Crushed ice
– Top with Pimento

Bloody ginger
Mayeul, le Flemming’s (Lyon)
– 6cl vodka
– A spoon of cane sugar
– 2 lime segments squeezed
– Fill with crushed ice
– Top with 50% Pimento, 50% strawberry juice

Hot Bise
Mika, Brasserie du Centre (Le Lavandou)
– Crush 2 leaves of fresh basil in a glass
– Add ice cubes
– Pour 6cl vodka Zubrowska
– Pour 10cl strawberry juice
– Top with Pimento (4cl)

George Antonoglou, The Grotto (Athens)
In a highball glass
– 35ml Xante pear liquer
– 35ml vodka
– 20ml fresh lemon
– 2 bar spoon sugar
Shake with ice and strain in a highball glass, Garnish Pear slices and top up with Pimento

Pimento Salty Dog
Giannis Petris, Pere Ubu (Glyfada, Athens)
In a highball glass
– 50ml Vodka
– 20ml Fresh lime Juice
– 60ml Grapefruit Juice
– Top up with Pimento (60ml)
Shake and strain the ingredients into a Highball Glass full of ice with salty rim, Garnish Grapefruit slice.

Elodie, Eléphant & Castle (Lyon)
In a highball glass
– 4cl vodka Grey Goose
– 2cl Cointreau
– 2cl lime
– 5cl cranberry juice
– Pour. Fill up with ice and top with Pimento

Honey and Ginger
Dimitris Gouzios, Mosaiko Bar (Glyfada – Athens)
In a glass:
– Vodka
– Fresh ginger
– Honey syrup
– Fresh lime
– Mint leaves
Top with Pimento